How To Stay Committed To Your Goals

How To Stay Committed To Your Goals

Starting or elevating your health and fitness goals in 2023? You may have found yourself into a groove by now, but if you're like a majority of others, you're still slightly hanging on to the festive season (which is slipping away very quickly might I add!)

We thought we'd put together 5 of our best tips that can help you stay committed to your goals this year.

  1. Set specific and realistic goals. Define what you want to achieve and make sure it's something that's attainable. If you can't maintain it in months to come, reassess. Consistency will always win! Something as easy as starting your day with a big glass of water and Daily Super Greens is an easy healthy habit to maintain long-term.

  2. Track your progress. Whether that be aesthetically or physically, keeping a record of how you look and what you are doing has been proven to keep you motivated! For example, taking your measurements or progress photos (first thing in the morning), and recording how much weight you're lifting or how far you're running will help you to see your progress over time.

  3. Create a schedule. Plan out your workouts (Sunday afternoon for example) and stick to them, even if that means setting an alarm for an early morning session. Early mornings may be hard in the beginning but add in your Natural Pre-Workout and you will find yourself in a routine and feel energised for the day ahead in no time! Also reminding yourself of your 'why' regularly will help you to stay committed to your goals. 

  4. Find a workout partner or class-based gym. Having other people to workout with can make the experience much more enjoyable and help you stay on track. Did we mention that a class-based gym also comes with enormous benefits? You'll work harder, more efficiently and won't have to worry about thinking what to do. Worried about sore muscles? Add in a scoop of Lean Vegan Protein to help maximise your recovery and lean muscle.

  5. Mix it up. Doing the same workout routine every day can get boring, so try new exercises or activities to keep things interesting and challenging. Incorporating variety in your workout routine can also help to target different muscle groups and prevent plateauing. Some of our favourite ways to move our bodies include strength and conditioning workouts, hiking, running, swimming and pilates. 


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