3 Ways To Save Yourself This Winter

3 Ways To Save Yourself This Winter

It seems like winter is hitting us all a bit harder than previous years. The temperature dropping and lack of sunlight can have a massive effect on our day to day lives and overall mood in itself. But with more people moving around and travelling in recent months, we’ve opened up the gate to a whole new influx of bugs and illnesses. So can you save yourself from what feels like the inevitable? We’ve come up with 3 self care tips to help combat the winter blues.

1. Benefits of Greens

Supplementing with a greens powder is one of the easiest ways to complement your existing diet and boost your energy, digestion, skin and long term health, especially over the winter months. FWD FORM Daily Supergreens contain a blend of over 32 vegetables, herbs and fruit as well as digestive enzymes and probiotics. Another key ingredient in FWD FORM Daily Supergreens is Fulvic Minerals (Cell Charge™): an organic, vegan and highly concentrated micronutrient concentrate that delivers the essential nutrients your cells need to function optimally, everyday. Arm yourself with one scoop mixed in cold water first thing in the morning for the perfect remedy to winter ailments. 

2. Infrared Sauna 

Unlike traditional saunas that feature steam or dry heat to warm a room, infrared saunas use infrared heat lamps in confined spaces to raise body temperature directly. Infrared heat is very gentle yet can produce a deep, detoxifying sweat, reaching all the way down to the cellular level where most toxins reside. Beyond the incredible relaxation effect infrared therapy has, it yields additional benefits such as increasing endorphin levels, detoxification, increasing blood flow, boosting immunity and helping with muscle fatigue and recovery. Not to mention it’s a great way to escape the harsh winter weather and be mindful for one hour!

3. Exercise 

It might be tempting to stay in your warm bed a little longer these days rather than hitting those early morning workouts, but exercise can play a huge role in boosting immunity and even fighting off infections. Exercise increases blood flow and causes immune cells to be more effective. It can also help clear bacteria out of your airways and strengthen antibodies and reduce stress hormones. A great way to boost your mental health as well is by making exercise social and grabbing a buddy to go to a class with. This can help hold you both accountable and keep you committed to your training routine over the colder months. 



Winter doesn’t have to be a time where your health and wellness falls to the wayside. If anything, it’s a time to take things a bit slower and give yourself a little extra TLC. Make time for yourself, stay committed to your fitness goals and fuel yourself with the best quality nutrition and supplements as possible.


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