Ambassador Spotlight: Brenton Parkes

Ambassador Spotlight: Brenton Parkes

1. Tell us who you are, where you're from and what you do. 

My name is Brenton Parkes, and I am an Australian actor/business owner. I got into acting through watching movies all my life and wanting to play different characters and roles myself, and now I get to do it professionally. I started up my companies (Platinum DJ Services, The Good Gun and Followers the Game) to generate an income for my lifestyle. 

2. How did you get into acting and your multiple businesses? What is your WHY?

The WHY behind acting is to have fun and express myself through my movies. I started my businesses in order to be able to provide for my family and be generous to others.

3. Run us through what a normal day looks like for you? 

A 'normal' day for me would be waking up at 5am and meeting up with a few friends Monday to Friday at the coffee shop to read the bible together and then heading back home to look after my 1 year old son for the first half of the day.

My first meal is always a FWD FORM protein shake which kick starts everything. After my wife and I swap with minding the little man, I then proceed to work from my computer or head out to set for filming, depending on my schedule that week.

I always end my day with a gym session followed by more FWD FORM Lean Vegan Protein (obviously), and then have a big dinner and off to bed early (hopefully).

4. What does 'Motivated by the Fear of Average' mean to you? 

‘Motivated by the  Fear of Average’ gives me a conscious urgency to push past being comfortable. I think comfortability is the enemy of creativity, and if I can strive to be above average in my personal and work life, then I'll rest better in heaven knowing I did everything I could to have fun and make an impact.

5. How do you support your health and hustle with FWD FORM? What is your favourite product? 

FWD FORM supports me everyday giving me the nutrition I need to grow and recover my muscles as well as the energy to push me to do that one more rep (yes I'm talking about my favourite pre workout supplement!) While I’m on the go, the shakes and greens powder give me the capability to not waste too much time in the kitchen when I need to be efficient.

6. What's next for you and where can we follow the journey? 

Next for me are a few more films this year I've locked in and hopefully sell 2x of my companies so I can spend even more time with my son! I'm blessed to live the life I live and partnering with a brand like FWD FORM encourages me everyday to never settle and keep moving FWD!

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